Who Invented the Note Counting Machine?

Who invented the Note Counting Machine?

A counting machine is a machine that uses high powered technology to count Bank Currency Notes and sometimes coins. The first Bank Note Counting Machine was invented by Zhi Tian Sie, in 1958. Zhi, a Chinese Banker invented the Counting Machine, after entering into a competition which he finished at 3rd place. Bank Note Counting […]

What is self inking stamp

self inking stamp

A self inking stamp is used by companies and organizations to emboss their signs, logo, dates or other important information on documents. A typical self-inking stamp usually  is a rubber stamp designed in a cabinet based mechanism that contains mainly three parts, namely: a spring, ink pad and a customized stamp. Self-inking stamps work with these three components. While […]

5 Top dealers in Note Counting Machines in Nigeria

Glory Brandt Money Counters in Nigeria

Who are the top dealers in Note Counting Machine in Nigeria? You must have asked yourself this question. Especially if you want to buy some new counting machine for your business. This post is about to answer your question as you choose the best counting machine vendors in Nigeria. Before we start, i’m sure you […]

How Note Counting Machines Identify Fake Currency Notes

Glory GFB-800 Note Counting Machine in Nigeria

A currency counting machine is a technological device used in the counting and sorting of bank notes. It was first used in China, in 1958. In Nigeria, Counting Machines are also very popular in recent times, especially at Banks and Retail stores. These machines over the years have helped businesses in faster and accurate processing […]

How to use a Company Seal

company seal

A company seal is an official seal used to stamp a company’s signature on important documents. It is usually used as an evidence, to show that an agreement or document was exercised unbehalf of the company by its authorized agents. Although some countries have reduced their use of company seals, in Nigeria for instance, company […]

How to identify fake currency notes

how to identify fake currency

Having a fake currency note in your pocket is as good as walking around with a piece of paper. There’s absolutely no single monetary value attached to a fake currency, especially here in Nigeria. And most of the times, you won’t actually know you’re having a fake currency with you, until it’s been spotted out. […]

5 Benefits of Note Counting Machines

note counting machine

Technological advances have made life easier especially when it comes to the way we conduct businesses. Specialized office machines and equipment like note counting machines, currency verifiers etc. have helped us improve workplace efficiency and accuracy in business transactions. These machines provide us with a variety of solutions, all aimed at improving efficiency, accuracy, and […]

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