Glory Note Counting Machine

Looking to buy Glory Note Counting Machines in Nigeria?

At SGI Global Enterprises, we sell high quality and affordable brands of Glory Counting Machines including the GFB-800 Brand, Glory Brandt Counting Machines, etc. to Banks and companies in Nigeria.

Glory Note Counting Machine is not just popular; it’s one of the most reliable brands of currency counting machines available today.

Each currency machine is programmed to make for efficiency and increased productivity in Banks and other currency related sectors.

Glory GFB 800 Specifications

The Glory Note Counting Machine comes in different models. The Glory GFB-800 Machine, one of our core products, is a durable desktop banknote counter, recognized for its high speed and accuracy.

It comes with a fake note detector to protect against and detect counterfeit currency notes.

Besides being capable of counting a batch of over 1,500 notes per minute, this Bill counter is light weight, equipped with advanced features and has been favored by a wide range of businesses, including Banks, Supermarkets, Retail Outlets, and Hotels etc.

Each Glory GFB-800/900 is particularly designed to continually provide superior performance. It is optimized to count currency notes at 4 speed levels which include 500, 1000, 1500 and 1800 pieces per minute. This is an advancement from other Bill counters within its class.

The Glory Bank Note Counting Machine brand, GFB-800 uses a multiple currency Counterfeit detector to detect and protect against Counterfeit Bank notes.

At a speed of 1800 notes per minute, Glory GFB-800 is one of the fastest Bill Counting Machines within its class.

Although there are a few other popular Counting Machines for Bank Notes in Nigeria, Glory Note Counting Machine GFB-800 and Glory Brandt are the most popular brands of Bill counters in Lagos and most parts of Nigeria.

Glory Counting Machine Price in Nigeria

As one of the major dealers in Glory GFB 800 in Nigeria, our Glory Counting Machine prices are very affordable. We have one of the cheapest counting machine prices within Lagos and Nigeria generally yet our products are of premium quality.

At SGI Global Enterprises, we also offer 10 percent discounts on all bulk purchases, 5 Percent Discounts for first time clients and we deliver to all locations within Nigeria.

We offer 1 year warranty and after sales services to our clients, for all bulk purchases.


Glory Note Counting Machine in Nigeria


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